"Live Report - Filo Machado, one of the best solo singer / guitar players from Brazil."
August 2005

Filó Machado
In its smallest incarnation, samba and bossa nova is performed solo. There are many such artists, singing and playing guitar, usually acoustic, in Brazil. Filó Machado is one of the best and one of the most unique. He effortlessly plays a wide range of music from samba to bossa nova to standard jazz tunes, all performed in his own style. His musical dexterity always impresses the audience, and makes them feel good. Perhaps that's why he is so popular for many years.

Filó Machado is an artist from Sao Paulo whose reputation has spread internationally. He has played outside Brazil many times including in the USA and France, and has released more than ten albums. He always covers songs adding his own flavor and arrangements. In this way, old songs are given a new lease of life, sounding fresh and different.

Machado will have a Japan Tour for the first time in July . I'm sure the Japanese audience will like his superb and entertaining show.

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