- out. 2005
Thiago - Thiago Espírito Santo

Reviewed by Egídio Leitão

Coming from a musical family - his father is Arismar do Espírito Santo and his mother is Silvia Góes - Thiago Espírito Santo has music in his veins. Besides his work with mom and dad, Thiago also worked with Hermeto Pascoal, Toninho Horta, Hélio Delmiro, Filó Machado, Chico Pinheiro and several other top-notch names in Brazilian music. Though he has previously recorded, Thiago is his first solo effort. The album's repertoire brings nine original compositions among other classics by VIlla Lobos, Tom Jobim and Luiz Gonzaga. Besides the band with Thiago (bass), Edú Ribeiro (drums), Chico Pinheiro (acoustic guitar), Daniel D’Alcântara (trumpet) and Raphael Ferreira (saxes), Thiago is full of special guests, such as Guello, Dominguinhos and Zé Renato. As for the music, just listen to "Caminhos Cruzados," where Thiago plays both bass and guitar in an exquisite and captivating arrangement, or the title track, "Thiago," with Bia Góes providing some great vocals and Arismar do Espírito Santo letting lose on the 7-string guitar. Another memorable track is the medley "Baião Nº 1/Nilopolitano," with a strong brass instrumentation making that track very pleasingly innovative. And then Dominguinhos's participation in "Neném no Forró" is simply delicious.

You can hear samples of Thiago here or in Thiago Espírito Santo's web site.
All tracks by Thiago Espírito Santo, except where noted.
1 O Cravo Bem Temperado Prelúdio II/Prelúdio Nº 3 (Bach / Villa Lobos)
2 Caminhos Cruzados (Tom Jobim)
3 Bárbaro
4 Thiago (Silvia Góes)
5 Fizê
6 Vó Luiza
7 Baião Nº 1/Nilopolitano (Luiz Gonzaga - Humberto Teixeira / Dominguinhos)
8 Neném no Forró
9 As de Bombacha!
10 Théo
11 Sacha
12 Toapé...
13 Má Rapaiz!
14 Tocar (Arismar do Espírito Santo - Maurício Carrilho - Paulo César Pinheiro)

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