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Luz da Lua - Alex Buck

Reviewed by Egídio Leitão

Although he began his musical education at the Zimbo Trio school playing the piano and flute, Alex Buck (São Paulo, 1980) chose the drums as his favorite instrument at 11 years old. Luz da Lua is his first solo album. Besides writing, producing and arranging all music you will hear on the CD, Buck is a promising drummer who also shows up great musicianship on the piano and percussion. He has already performed with names that are well known in the Brazilian music scene, including Hermeto Pascoal, Jane Duboc, Heraldo do Monte, Armandinho, Filó Machado and others. In Luz da Lua listeners are given a chance to hear multitalented instrumentalist playing the piano and drums with an array of other very qualified musicians such as Thiago Espírito Santo (bass), Sandro Haick (piano, bass), Naylor Proveta (alto sax), Léa Freire (flutes) and Filó Machado (guitar) among several others. In a little over an hour, you can experience Buck's musical universe. The opener, "Toninho Pinheiro," serves as a brief introduction to the rest of the album, with Buck doubling on piano and percussion at first. Think of it as a warm-up to what is down the line. Although the overall feeling of Luz da Lua is strong on jazz, the brassy "Espírito do Santo" serves as a nice distraction sounding like a typical Zimbo Trio track. Of course a Brazilian presence is in all tracks, especially in the frevo-flavored "Alô Brasil." The two versions for "Que Não Seja a Última Vez..." prove quite effective. The first features Naylor Proveta doing the solos, and in closing, the same track is presented in a new environment featuring Filó Machado on guitar and vocals. Nice touch!

You can hear samples of Luz da Lua here.
All tracks by Alex Buck.
1 Toninho Pinheiro
2 Luz da Lua
3 Espírito Santo
4 Que Não Seja a Última Vez...
5 Alô Brasil
6 Três Gerações
7 Amarelinha
8 Novos Amigos
9 Pai de Som
10 Que Pena
11 Sambeti
12 Que Não Seja a Última Vez...

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