i'm no music reviewer, but...
Margaret Pilarski
Tuesday, May, 27, 2008

BUT... i seriously have to tell you how much i enjoyed heloisa fernandes’s show last night. the boyf has a job where, on top of tips, he comes home with random things: monogrammed wedding mints, a warm case of budweiser, a bag of babybel cheeses, you get the idea.

well yesterday a pair of spoleto tickets were passed around and ended up in his hands. all he could tell me beforehand was that it was a jazz pianist from brazil. i’m always up for an excuse to dress up, so i threw up my hair and began the i-have-nothing-to-wear-but-i-will-inevitably-end-up-wearing-one- of-my-eighteen-little-black dresses tantrum.

when heloisa came out and waved to the audience before taking her seat at the bench, you could tell she was a really fun, sweet woman. she was one of those people where you realize you have no idea how old she is – 19, 28, 34? – especially because she’s so smiley, fresh faced, and most of all, passionate.

i decided that joss stone + my friend mary lou = heloisa.

plus equals

anyway, she was just adorable and genius and so incredibly passionate about her playing. it became this personal, sensual thing as she played on – you could see her whole body reacting to her songs, and she was singing her own little ditties along with the music and smiling at the audience when she slipped in a tune they might recognize.

all in all, an a super plus for the INTERNATIONAL DEBUT (!!!) of this lil lady. i’m a big fan already, and that’s a lot coming from someone who can hardly pick out a french horn from a flute. (well i think i could do that, but...)

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