Silvia Góes

Having a very personal way to express through the piano, Silvia Goes is a composer, arranger and pianist who began her career as playng accoustic guitar, then moved on to piano and arrangement, making scores for Music Festivals and broadcasts in Brazilian’s Radios and TVs. Composed original sound tracks to three cartoon animations films made by Mauricio de Souza, one of Brazilian’s most important filmmakers.

As pianist, performed on tours in Brazil with some of the leading figures of Brazilian music, such as: Jane Duboc, Toquinho, Mauricio Einhorn, Hermeto Pascoal, Dominguinhos and many others. Played with singer Leni Andrade at Jazz Festivals in Umbria (Italy) and Compenhagen (Denmark). Nowadays she is touring with Toquinho in Europe and South America.

In her first CD “Piano à Brasileira” (Brazilian’s Recipe for Piano) she shows her rhythmic identification with the Brazilian Music. With a magnificent arrangement for Zequinha de Abreu’s "Tico Tico no Fuba" plus eleven tracks of her own music, her CD is a feast of good music.

Her second Cd features her son, Thiago do Espirito Santo (bass) and drummer Alex Buck, in a power trio, featuring her compositions. She is also a very recognized teacher for music students throughout the country.

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