Mozar Terra

Mozar Terra, composer, arranger and pianist, released his first CD “Caderno de Composição”, in 2001 - a gifted work where he shows all the originality of his strongly Brazilian approach.

Having played with famous musicians as Milton Banana, Caetano Veloso and Lucio Alves in Brazil, he lived in Paris where he played at many jazz clubs in Paris, recorded two albums with drummer Nene (“Ponto dos Músicos” and “Minuano”) and joined Joyce’s European Tour.

Later in Denmark, he gave various workshops at the Danish Jazz Center, as well as at the Rotterdams Conservatorium in Holland, and also toured with drummer Edson Machado (“Edson Machado e Boa Nova”), with whom he traveled to USA.

Back in Brazil, already known and respected for his work, he is invited to participate in the Project “Tom Brasil” – touring all the country and recording the CD “Quarteto Livre” with Sizão Machado (bass), Teco Cardoso (saxes/flutes) and Tutty Moreno (drums). Quarteto Livre joins Joyce’s tour in Brazil, Europe and Japan. Mozar makes arrangements and plays piano in recordings for songbooks of João Donato, Ary Barroso and Tom Jobim. Also, participates for two years at the Festival de Campos de Jordão, promoted by São Paulo State’s Cultural Secretary, as director for the Master Class of Brazilian Popular Piano. Has created Teaching Programs as “Piano Rítmico Brasileiro” (Brazilian Rhythmic Piano) and carried it, among other music schools, at the University of Music Tom Jobim.

In 2005 his is special guest of Jazz Sinphonic Orchestra em Sao Paulo, making arrangements of his own work for a very sucessful concert.

His project “Gafieira Chic”: As the Tango in Argentina and the Swing in USA, the Samba in Brazil has its own dance, called Gafieira. Originally a dance only for the “excluded” it has now taken each country’s big and snob ballrooms.

As the typical cooking from each country has its origins at the most simple kitchen and gets after time the sophistication required from the most exquisite taste, Gafieira Chic proposes to present to the very demanding ears its tasteful sound and dance.

In Brazilian society the racial mixture puts together the sensual Lundu (typical dance from Africa) and the joyful Polka, as well as the dramatic Argentinean Tango, in a symbiosis with the spicy way of the Brazilian “ginga”, some touch of acrobatic performances and the musicality of big bands. Privileging wind instruments, Gafieira, in its instrumental form, is one of the preferred ballroom’s dances in Brazil.

Musician Releases:
Léa Freire – Flutes - Fully recognized as a very creative composer, flutists in concerts in Europe and USA are now playing some of her pieces. “She was known already as an exceptional flute player; but as a composer she excels herself. She is one of the most complete musicians I know and stands in the front line of the most creative music that is happening in Brazil today, together with Guinga, Edu Lobo and other well known composers.” – Joyce
Valmir Gil – Trumpet – One of the creators of Banda Mantiqueira, renowned Gafieira dancer and arranger, one of the most requested musicians in Brazil nowadays. Plays also with Djavan, Celso Viafora, Ivan Lins , Rita Lee and many others.
François de Lima – Trombone – Playing nowadays with singer Rosa Passos, Djavan, Celso Viáfora, Rita Lee and many others. Known by his amasing trombone solos at Banda Mantiqueira.
Mané Silveira – Alto and Tenor Saxes – Also a composer and arranger he is one of the most important artists in Brazilian Instrumental Music. Has colaborate with artisti such Arrigo Barnabé, Johnny Alf, Alaíde Costa, Itamar Assumpção, Nélson Ayres, Naná Vasconcelos, Roberto Sion, Rosa Maria, Toninho Ferragutti and others.
Teco Cardoso – Flute, Soprano and Baritone Saxes - One of the most creative Brazilian soloists, multi-instrumentalist (all saxes, flutes and Brazilian indian bamboo flutes) is a steady member of the internationally acclaimed Brazilian jazz group “Pau Brasil“. Studyied with composer and arranger Moacir Santos, he has been performing with important Brazilian artists such as Dori Caymmi, Edu Lobo, João Donato, Marlui Miranda and Joyce. In 1997 he released his first solo album, “Meu Brasil”, playing his own music as well as Brazilian classics and that has been awarded the Sharp Prize of 1998.
José Alexandre – Contrabass - His curriculum includes the Campinas Symphonic Orchestra, Sao Paulo State Jazz Symphonic and Banda Havana Brasil. In The Cross Over style he takes part of Tropical Contrabasses Orchestra, create by Thibault Delor.
Edú Ribeiro – Drums – Although young, Eduardo has played with Roberto Menescal, Rosa Passos, Johny Alf. His Samba-Jazz style renews the old school of good Brazilian drummers.

MARITAX 09.22.2005 - "Show CD Caderno de Composição"

Photo Eni Cunha

"Gafieira Chic"com
Mozar Terra Octeto

Mozar Terra [Piano]
Léa Freire [Flauta]
François [Trombone]
Mané Silveira [Sax]
Teco Cardoso [Sax & Flauta]
Walmir Gil [Trumpete]
Edú Ribeiro [Bateria]
Zé Alexandre [Baixo Acústico]

Ascensão (1.3 Mb)

A Sereia Voou (1.3 Mb)

Mirante (1.8 Mb)

Porto Feliz (1.1 Mb)

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