Caito Marcondes

He started playing piano at the age of 8, interesting by drums and percussion later. He studied composition and analysis with H.J. Koellreutter and harmonics and counterpoint with Mário Ficarelli. While studying the 3rd year of architecture, he was called by Hermeto Pascoal to integrate its group, remaining there for almost one year. He is acting as composer and arranger in various fronts as ballet, cinema (being awarded many times), documentaries (like Nos Caminhos da Expedição Langsdorff for the Discovery Channel), recordings and shows. He recorded and made presentations with names like Rita Lee, Chico César, Joyce, Marlui Miranda, Paulo Moura, Jaques Morelenbaum, John Scofield, Zeca Assumpção, Milton Nascimento, Fumio Itabashi, Ná Ozzetti, Mônica Salmaso, Claudio Dauelsberg, and others.

His first solo CD PORTA DO TEMPLO, recorded in June 1995 in California (USA) with the Turtle Island String Quartet and François de Lima, was indicated for the SHARP 1996 award and introduced by ACT in Germany, being ranked among the 150 best launches of 1998 in Europe by the World Music Charts Europe. He was responsible for two arrangements of Missa Indígena 2 IHU - KEWERE - Rezar of Marlui Miranda, interpreted by Marlui Miranda, Symphony Jazz Orchestra and Symphony Choral of ULM, besides other arrangements for the Symphony Jazz Orchestra (Chico Cesar, Elza Soares, Orquestra Popular de Câmara).

His second CD - North meets South - is a duet of violin and percussion with the North-American violinist Tracy Silverman, recorded in one week in April 2001 in Nashville, dividing compositions and arrangements looking for creating a new Pan-American kitchen. In November 2003, he made various successful presentations together with the violinist Tracy Silverman and the Symphony Orchestra of Paraná and the Symphony Jazz Orchestra of São Paulo playing, among others, his music Dança do Sol - his authorship arrangement.

Active attendant as percussionist, composer and arranger of the Orquestra Popular de Câmara, which has recently introduced its second CD - Danças, Jogos e Canções. He toured Europe making presentations in Rudolstadt Festival - Germany, various festivals in Spain, Sfinks – in Antwerp, Belgium and in the Nuits Atypiques de Langon, France.

Caito made live recordings in March 2004 and introduced his solo work called AutoRetrato in March 2005, concentrating his entire skillness and a 35-year carrier as instrumentalist, composer and arranger. The work was live recorded at Espaço Cachuera with special participation of Marlui Miranda and Monica Salmaso. The own public also took part, under Caito’s regency, composing together with the musician a play that is integral part of the new CD, by using the public voices and folded cracking paper sheets.

SESC Pompéia - 03.05.2005 - "Show CD Auto-Retrato"

Photo Marco A Olímpio

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